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Cattle Diseases That Can Cause Miscarriage

Written By Wulanto Burhan on Sunday, June 10, 2012 | 8:28 AM

In the pregnant cow there are some diseases that can cause miscarriage, so the need for prevention because it can cause huge losses for farmers.

1. Brucellosis

Synonim: bang disease, contagious abortion, abortion contagiosa. The term infertility began to be raised from the bacterium Brucella abortus bang was found as an important cause of marital disruption. Important influence: abortion pregnancy age 7-9 months and early abortion in the early break out, the patient may experience 1-2 times the abortion but rarely more than 2 times the abortion. Infection in late pregnancy with uterine contraction and lowering of plasentitis cause retained placenta, uterine Infolusi late, followed by bacteria occurs metritis infasi Purpuralis (secondary infection).


Germ-eaten grass contaminated beef (more frequent occurrence of infection through the digestive tract = ingestion, feed, water, licking abortus fetus), infection of genital exudates after birth by abortion. Organisms (bacteria Brucella) in milk, a danger to public health and calves. High hazard occurs when the abortion and birth, spread, genital exudate 1-4 days is very dangerous, and retained placenta in the state of the uterus is not free for ± 1 month. Once the bacteria form colonies infolusi uterus in the mammary gland and in limpoglandula supramamaria that will arise following infection of the placenta in pregnancy. Brucella bacteria on pregnant animals have breeding grounds in the placenta as the fetal fluids are substances Mesoerythriol.


Tract infections caused by sepsis, the bacteria are localized in the glandular system of the body's defense (reticulo endothelial system), Arthritis attacks the joints occur. (Rheumatoid arthritis). In the male germ cause epididymitis and orchitis. In the female germs into the uterus causing endometritis, attacked the placenta arise plasentitis attack followed by retained placenta and fetus abortion arises.

Control and Eradication

In the group of dairy cows milk early stages of doing the test, when positive results (+) followed by examination of serum (serum agglutination test and Complement Fixation Test to calculate antibody titer), positive when doing the cutting. At the moment to do the approach of dairy cows and cut test (Test and Slaughtered). Strict supervision, exit and entry of cattle (mutation), and institutional use of the Animal Husbandry Department in collaboration with a group of dairy farmers and cooperatives / companies.

2. Leptospirosis

The cause of the cow: Leptospira Pomona, Icterohemorhagica Leptospira, Leptospira Hardjo, found also in humans. Approximately 170 strains of pathogenic leptospires was identified by nearly half in Indonesia. Current events in Jakarta floods reportedly high enough to attack humans at in evacuation with acute symptoms of fever, brownish yellow urine, pain and general weakness (rats suspected as the cause of the outbreak).

Clinical symptoms

Acute fever characterized by a rupture of red blood cells rapidly, arising Icterus (jaundice). Haemoglobinuria, general edema and pain. Lactation milk production in cows down, udder gland secretions become brownish purple, the calf mortality rate above 33%, but the master degree of cure is high. During infection of approximately 25% of infected cows had abortion 3 months pregnancy may be followed by retained placenta and Endometritis.

Diagnosis: clinical, but no change in the marriage or abortion.
Therapy: broad spectrum antibiotics, harmful to human health (because it is zoonotic).

3. Salmonellosis

Abortion by Salmonella is sometimes reported in different countries. Abortion by Salmonella sp and cause problems in dairy cows, and the incidence of abortion is a stand alone.

Clinical symptoms

Abortion (pregnancy age 6-8 months), dysentery, diarrhea and general pain five days after the abortion, Salmonella can be isolated from milk, female animals genitals mucus and feces.

Diagnosis: Do the agglutination test 5 days after the abortion, performed 7-30 days later isolation of germs that cause.
Therapy: broad spectrum antibiotics, high doses. Have an interest in terms of veterinary public health (environmental hygiene, milk products and so on).

4. Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR)

Cause: Virus (Herpes Group)
Events in Indonesia: serology reported in dairy cattle and buffalo (1987 to present), it is unclear how it happened that the sero positive.

Field events in the group of dairy farmers excessive salivation (Hypersalivasi) difficulty in breathing (dyspnoea), falls, abortion followed by death, at the time of serological testing revealed a positive (+) IBR is a sexually transmitted disease, female animals genitals mucosa inflammation, and Gland Praeputium penis . Transmission time of 24-48 hours after natural mating or AI, changes in the genitals with symptoms of acute posterior.
Virgin group more frequently affected than the parent. female animals genitals soft, bent and broken blisters arise resulting in tissue damage. Bleeding arise pain, tail tension, fever, decreased appetite accompanied by decreased milk production. Immunity due to infection may occur several months.

Control and Eradication

Perform the isolation of diseased animals (avoid direct contact), injuries to the female animals genitals and female animals genitals spread with an antibiotic ointment to prevent secondary infection antibiotic injections in general. IBR virus can live for years in frozen semen, the male in the BIB should be free from IBR, an artificial insemination performed with infected semen causing temporary Endometritis and infertility. Low morbidity of this disease depends on environmental conditions and contamination. Keep an eye on respiratory tract infections, and no association with infections of the female animals genitals, there is currently no provision vaccination program against the disease.

5. Genital Vibriosis (Camphylobacter)

Cause: Bacteria Vibrio Fetus / Camphylo Bacterfetus as a cause of abortion in dairy cattle causes infertility, miscarriage, Enjootik Sterility, decreased conception rate, can be transmitted through natural mating or AI. Isolation of organism from female animals genitals exudate and pain male semen. In the male organism to live long in the body without showing symptoms of genital abnormalities and can pass through the marriage of the natural surface of the penis and praeputium (no lesions).

Carrier males marry female animals genitals infection, organisms form colonies in the uterus cause the embryo bullying. In females: most female animals are susceptible to disease because infected males fertilization can occur but the embryo died early.

Abortion at the age of 4-7 months of pregnancy there is inflammation of the cervix, increased secretion of mucus mixed in uterus, thick and cloudy mucus out of the female animals genitals after the marriage, there endometritis. If the embryo dies before attaching to the uterus, the cow back to ask for mating after 3 weeks (1 cycle of estrus) and when embryonic death continued to be irregular estrus (> 30 days).
Female animals can slowly arise immune response, characterized the reaction in the uterus and abortion are declining. If there is retained placenta may be confused with placental edema Brucellosis but after 2-3 years of the incident, the possibility of returning to normal fertilization.

Diagnosis: Clinically indicated estrus regular or irregular, especially in the presence of new males. Culture, Network abortus fetal abdomen, to the female animals genitals mucus agglutination test (4 weeks the symptoms appear, usually a positive reaction).

Control and Eradication

Perform insulation and cutting of the male suspects. Treatment with antibiotics types of streptomycin, tetracycline, Chloramphenicol and locally administered by intramuscular injection at the injury suffered (praeputium penis) in males. Artificial Insemination program which can be done by either eliminating the disease.
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